I Think Patti Stanger is an Idiot – Sorry, No Way to Sugar Coat It

I have been writing for years that I think Patti Stanger should be taken off of television.  She is offensive to women, Jews, matchmakers, and now gay men too.  I think her show should be cancelled, and this week I got a little help in proving my point from an unlikely source, Patty herself.

Stanger was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week, and she showed her true colors, which happen to be dark and ugly, not rainbow bright as she would like us to think.  She is backtracking now and apologizing to anyone who will listen, but she’s so dumb she is making is worse.

Stanger told Andy that no gay men, none, were capable of monogamy.  She also said that all Jewish men lie.  She has also said that red headed girls have no shot of getting married unless they change their hair color, and women need to dumb themselves down in order to land a man.

She has said a lot of idiotic things, which makes sense because she is an idiot.  She went on the Joy Behar Show and denied that she said all gay men are incapable of monogamy, and clarified that she was only talking about the men in Los Angeles.  She’s not very good at defending herself.

She also stereotyped all Jewish men as being liars.  I’ve dated my fair share of Jewish men and yes they lied, however, it was not because they were Jewish, but because they were men.  Men lie.  We get it.  Newsflash Patti, women lie too, and probably more.  In fact, she coaches women to lie.

She stereotypes Jewish men as liars, but seems to forget that she goes on television each week and preaches to women that they need to lie in order to find a husband.  Patti is a liar. She ended an engagement earlier this year and said it was because she wanted a family and he did not.  Really?

She is a 50 year old woman who claims to be an expert on how to help women find husbands, yet has been unable to find one for herself.  How can you be an expert on something that you fail at miserably?  Patti is an embarrassment and maybe Bravo will finally see that, and can her.

Patti is telling anyone who will listen that she is sorry for offending anyone, while Bravo released a statement saying, “[Patti’s] comments are not representative of the network’s beliefs and opinions.  We apologize for the offense it caused.” Don’t apologize Bravo, just fire her.

I know lots of gay men, in Los Angeles, who are monogamous.  I know lots of Jewish men who do not lie.  I know lots of red heads who are married.  I know of one matchmaker who fails at her job, is not a very kind human being, and needs a big slice of humble pie, along with a glass of keeping it real.