Bravo Fans hit Twitter to Silence Patti Stanger & Millionaire Matchmaker

I am not a fan of Patti Stanger, or her “reality” show, Millionaire Matchmaker.  I think she is obnoxious, rude, disrespectful, bad for women, and bad for Jews.  She claims to have a 99% success rate, yet there has never been a successful relationship depicted on her show.  It is simply a fame whore skank fest.

She says she knows how to get a man, yet at 50, does not have one. She was in a relationship with a man she says she met through a matchmaker, although that seems contrived.  She was engaged, then ended the relationship and shared the news via Twitter.  How can you be an expert at something you fail at?

Speaking of Twitter, this afternoon, during a sixty minute span, I saw 73 tweets stating they want her fired, and for other Bravo fans to stop watching in an attempt to send the message to Bravo that the show should be cancelled.  They even went so far as to ask for a boycott of Andy Cohen’s show, Watch What Happens Live, which premiers tonight after Patti.

If I saw 73 tweets, and I’m not much of a Twitter person, imagine how many there really were?  If Patti were food, there would be a massive recall across the country to get her pulled off the shelves.  I have never seen a blog or a tweet that showed any love for this woman.  If we all can’t stand her, and we are Bravo’s audience, how much longer will she have a show?

Bravo fans are intense.  They watch their shows religiously, and take it all very seriously.  When it comes to the Real Housewives, there are many different camps, particularly for the NYC cast, where you either love Jill Zarin, or hate her.  You either worship Bethenny, or are Satan.  I happen to be in the minority as I love Jill, and think Bethenny is just as bad as Patti.

There are different camps on most of the shows, but when it comes to Millionaire Matchmaker, we are a united front.  One large group, shouting out to anyone who will listen, we do not like Patti Stanger, or her ridiculous show, and we want it cancelled, as her having a show at all is offensive to us as reality television fans.  I hope Bravo is taking notes.

You can’t have a show about love when the star is unable to find it for herself, or anyone else.  If I was a millionaire, and I was looking for love, I would never go to Patti Stanger.  She is a hot mess and her staff looks like a joke.  I would never give them my money, which makes sense since all the millionaires on her show get her services for free.

On the episode tonight, one of the “millionaires” is the hypnotherapist that she uses on the show.  She cannot get a real millionaire to come on her fake show so she needs to use people she uses on her show?  Are we supposed to believe he is a millionaire?  This show is ridiculous and should never have been made.  Cancel it and we will forgive you Bravo.

The time will come when she won’t be able to give her services away, and that will be the day her show is cancelled.  Twitter might help that day come quicker.  There is nothing appealing or charming about this woman. She is an embarrassment to women, and has all the horrible stereotypes that Jewish women are labeled with.

I have met Patti Stanger, and she was a total bitch to me and my friends.  She was quite tiny in person, and very pretty.  To clarify, it was a couple of years ago, before she injected her face to hell and back, so I’m not sure how she looks now.  She was really horrible and we walked away thinking she was nasty.

She has had her 15 minutes and it’s time to go because she should only have been given 5.  She is not good at her job, and should move to Vegas and open a call girl service.  If you don’t believe me, just go to Twitter and follow some Bravo fans.  We are focused, we are on a mission, we are united, and we are keeping it real.