Does Bethenny Frankel’s True Hollywood Story prove she lies?

I think Bethenny Frankel is bad for women, for a lot of reasons, and I simply do not understand why she is so popular.  I mean, I get that people watcher her because I do, but I do not get why women idolize her, want to be like her, and consider her a role model.  Why?

I watched the E! True Hollywood Story about her on Wednesday night, and it just made me more sure that this woman may be a compulsive liar, with a distorted memory, an eating disorder, unethical business practices, bad reputations with men, and no honesty gene.

I like THS, but this one was delusional.  To start with, Bethenny is so painfully thin, it is disturbing.  She is skeletal and it’s sad.  To hear her speak of her parents is fascinating.  She seems to lie constantly about her parents and it’s so sad that she vilifies her father.

I met the legendary Bobby Frankel years ago and he was lovely.  I get that meeting him at an event is not the same as him being your dad, but to speak so brutally of him, after he has passed, is not nice.  She flip flops about what he exactly he did to her.

She trashes her dad, yet does not have the same venom for her mother anymore.  Can we assume it’s because she will talk to her mother on her show at some point for ratings?  She needs to be careful so she will do it.  I think her mother should publicly set the record straight.

In learning of her childhood, it would appear that Bethenny was wild.  She was spoiled and had access to money, which her childhood friends tell us, yet she always says she was given nothing as a child.  Bethenny appears to be lying which translates to her duping her fans.

She has spoken about how she was “shipped” off to boarding school, yet on the THS she tells us she “asked” to go away.  Do you see a pattern here? She manipulates the truth, and I have no idea how she keeps it all straight. The lies seem to pile up all around her.

Her childhood friends sound just like her.  Clearly there was a lot of coaching happening.  It’s pathetic.  Her friends are telling us she had dreams of fame since childhood, and clearly she was willing to do anything, or anyone, to get it.  She needs to keep notes to track the lies.

She met a guy from NBC, while flying to LA, and gets a job that gets her career going.  She fails to mention that she was on her way to see her dad, the same dad that she says she had no relationship with.  Her father loved her, and she used him as she does everyone.

Bethenny says she graduated from NYU, but I’m not sure that she did.  She moved to LA without attending her graduation, or getting her diploma? Really?  Such a crap fest.  She coasts over her acting career and says she became a huge event planner in LA.

I worked as an event planner in the entertainment industry in LA for 15 years, and I can assure you her recollection of her event planning career is very entertaining.  I just don’t get why people are not calling her out on her lies, when there are so many people who know the truth.

Her friends are telling us that she was never without a boyfriend, and never with a guy without money.  She agrees to marry a guy, whose family she destroyed, only to break up with him.  I pray my son does not ever date a girl like Bethenny, as no good can ever come of that.

I’m at minute 36 of her THS and I am finding it hard to breathe through the stench of crap.  Bethenny is talking about Jill Zarin and how she got on housewives.  Bethenny owes her success and the speed in which she found it, to Jill.  If she thinks we don’t know that, she is unwell.

The THS says that Jason #1 broke up with her on national television, but I seem to recall Jill telling her that maybe they needed to break up as he was not the one.  She was not that into him, yet we are supposed to believe now that she was devastated by the loss?

She goes through men like toilet paper, having ended serious relationships with 3 men, but we’re supposed to buy that this break up, her “star making” moment, was devastating?  Bethenny cares about Bethenny, and Jason #1 is thanking God right now that he got out.

Listening to her talk of the beginning of the Skinnygirl Margarita is nauseating.  She is so full of crap, and apparently so is her drink.  The bottle is printed with “the margarita you can trust”, but says nothing about our not being able to trust Bethenny. 

She is talking about getting her own spin off, and how none of the other housewives were happy for her, but she does not mention that she had burned all her bridges by then.  She was attacked to be sure, but she was horrible.  She crossed over from funny to mean.

She even says that the fight with Jill was jeopardizing her career.  She was never upset about fighting with Jill,  only about not getting famous.  In the midst of the fighting with Jill, and her selling bottles of crap, her dad was battling cancer and about to pass away.

In the THS she says that he called her, and she asked if she could come and he responded, yeah, she could come.  But on her show she told us that he summoned her.  What is the truth?  She is crying over what she wanted to hear from him and never heard.  Really?

Could it be that she is crying because she felt bad for all the lies?  Or perhaps relief that he was dying, and could never speak out against her lies? Bobby Frankel was loved and respected by many, and I simply do not buy all the Daddy Dearest stories Bethenny says about him.

She is saying that she wants to inspire women, so they can overcome everything they’ve been though, and find success and happiness.  Really?  If we sleep our way through men, abuse our parents, stop eating, and master the art of lying, we can have it all too?

I will continue to watch Bethenny because she is interesting.  Getting away with lies is fascinating, and watching people scramble to remember the lies, is good television.  I think she will reconnect with her mom, and mortify her child on television for a few more dollars.

I wish Bethenny no ill will.  Mazel tov for all she has accomplished.  If she were willing to admit she had a childhood of privilege, and while not perfect, not as bad as she’s created in her mind, I would respect her.  Her path is not about overcoming adversity, but about hustling.

She created a life of fame and wealth and that is something to be proud of.  If she had been honest, I would be on the Bethenny bandwagon too.  Instead I’m watching women drink the Kool-Aid, and waiting for Karma to pay Bethenny a visit,  to show her how to keep it real.