DWTS: We Have Spoken and Gay is Good! God Bless America!

The folks at Dancing With The Stars managed to turn the one hour results show into two hours by giving us a “meet the cast” special. Tom spoke with each contestant for a couple of minutes, and showed part of their dance from the night of competition.  The thing is, we didn’t really learn anything about them.  In the end it was a time filler more than a bonus.

The results show was great and that is really all we need on a Tuesday night. Sidebar: Did anyone else think the laughs from the audience sounded like a fake sitcom laugh track? Also, the dance troupe is good but I the blonde chick needs to cut her hair, or at least put it up.  Her hair hit her partner in the face over and over and it’s gross.  Cut your hair!

When Chaz Bono found out he was safe and everyone hugged him, I cried.  I know there is no crying in ballroom, but I felt such joy for him that America did not kick him out the first week.  He did a great dance and he deserves to be there.  That both Carson and Chaz were safe is fabulous, and sends a rather loud message to those who tried to get them fired.

There were no many Christian groups telling America to not watch, and demand they were fired.  Some went as far as to say that we must not let our children watch because it would make them want to change their sex or be gay.  Some people are crazy and should never be allowed to speak, and I am embarrassed for these people and sad for their kids.

TV shows do not make kids gay, and I don’t love Carson because he is gay.  I love him because he is fabulous, funny and talented.  I do not love Chaz because he is confrontational, I love him because he is wonderful, charming, and kind.  If my son were gay, or transgender, I would love him just the same as I always have.  He is my child first, and my love is endless.

I feel proud of us a nation that these great men were voted through to week two.  I get that it’s a reality show and not brain surgery, but it’s still important.  Only when we can treat each other with kindness, and allow people to live their best lives, will we have a shot in hell of being decent people.  Last night DWTS went from reality TV, to just reality.

Just as I predicted Monday night, Rob Kardashian and Metta World Peace were in the bottom.  Nancy Grace was also there but I doubt she was not one of the lowest vote getters.  Metta World Peace/Ron Artest went home and he seemed fine, but must have been a little disappointed.  Next week will be great and hopefully America will continue to keep it real.