Jersey Shore vs. Chaz Bono – Who is Classy? Who is Trashy?

Anyone who thinks Chaz Bono appearing on Dancing With the Stars is bad for America, should watch last week’s Jersey Shore, and then shut the hell up.  I love the kids from the shore as much as the next person, but they should be under attack, not Chaz.  Chaz Bono is a lovely man who is teaching acceptance and tolerance.  While both make for great television, let’s determine who is trashy and who is classy.

Here are 5 things the Jersey Shore kids did on their show this week:

1) Deena said, “I had no idea Italy had a Caribbean Island in it.”

2) The girls ask random men if they know the Italian word for vagina.

3) Snooki gets so drunk she falls into some bushes.

4) Deena flashes her vagina, without underwear, to an entire nightclub.

5) Deena and Snooki have sex together, but don’t remember they did.

Here are 5 things Chaz Bono did this week:

1) He was articulate and charming on The Joy Behar Show.

2) He was articulate and charming on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

3) He was articulate and charming at the Creative Emmy Awards.

4) He did not respond to the hurtful things people said about him.

5) He thanked his family, friends, and strangers for supporting him.

I watch Jersey Shore because they are ridiculous and fun.  I watch Dancing With The Stars because it is entertaining.  I laugh at the kids from the shore, I laugh with Chaz Bono.  I think the kids from the shore are embarrassing and bad role models. I think Chaz Bono is a hero.  I would leave my son with Chaz Bono, I would not leave my son with any member of the Jersey Shore cast.  Who is bad for America?

Surely there are more important things to boycott than Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars.  Come on America.  People are dying, kids are starving, and education is going down the toilet.  Find something of importance to get passionate about and leave Chaz Bono alone.  If you can’t, because you are too dumb, know that the more you ask us to hate him, the more we love him, and Jesus loves him too.

Tomorrow night is the premier of DWTS and I am going to vote for Chaz. Whether or not he is good, and he will be, I will vote for him so that he is given a fair shot.  He deserves it, and he has earned it.  In the end the best dancers will make it the furthest, but if popularity counts, Chaz will be there too.  Jersey Shore is trashy, Chaz is classy, and those are the facts. Deena needs to get into AA and Chaz will be just fine because he keeps it real.