NYC Housewives Implode & No Comment from Survivors or Bethenny

We’ve been waiting for Bravo to listen to our pleas about the ladies of NYC.  It’s been painful to watch.  It was once a fun romp for an hour a week, but has became a crap fest of screaming, fighting, and no fun.  Well, change is coming and change is good.  Hopefully.

I’m not a super fan like some.  I love the show, blog about it, but don’t follow it as closely as some others.  Over the past few hours however, I’ve been watching the massacre unfold on Twitter.  Throughout the night the fired ladies came on Twitter to announce they were leaving the show.

Cindy’s posting was forgettable, as was her appearance on the show.  Alex while gracious, chose her words carefully and came across as being in a bit of denial.  Simon went on and on, tweeting often.  Is Simon to blame for the firing of his wife?  Did he overstepped and drag her down?

They have two young children, and no jobs, so I feel for them and hope they will be okay.  If they somehow, through some unfortunate aligning of the planets, end up back on television, I will impale myself with the remote control.  I will also watch.  Their creepiness is fascinating.

As of this morning Kelly has been tweeting about her day, but no acknowledgement of her being let go from the show.  I think it’s funny.  She knows we all know, yet is keeping quiet.  We can assume she is trying to build up anticipation, and is leaving us all with bated breathe.

Or maybe she is just dumb.  Maybe when they sat her down and told her she was “fired”, she though they told her she was “tired”, and went home to take a nap. When they said, “you’re let go”, she heard “let’s go”, and is waiting in the car.  Whatever. She’ll tweet soon enough.

Ramona and Sonja have both tweeted since the news was confirmed, but neither of them has said anything about it.  Why? It makes no sense that Bravo would tell them to not speak of it. That’s lame.  Why not just tweet you are sad to see your friends go?

All the axed ladies are friends with at least one of the survivors, so why not say something kind and supportive?  Ramona is tweeting about her magazine subscriptions, and Sonja is inviting people to come to her cooking class at The Learning Annex.  Their silence is strange.

No word from LuAnn either and she is such good friends with Jill you’d think she would say something.  Wouldn’t that be the classy thing to do? Perhaps the truth is these women all hate each other and there is no love lost between the ones heading out and those who kept their jobs.

The most shocking silence is the one coming from Bethenny.  I used to think Bethenny was fabulous, but I’m no longer a fan.  I think she has built her career on lies and one day her house of lies will come crashing down.  That day is coming fast, and it will be a mighty fall.

Bethenny has no gratitude for RHNYC or what it did for her career.  She believes she would have gotten to this place of success without it. The truth is, that show made her, and she owes them everything.  Without her time as a housewife, she’d be on Flavor of Love looking for fame.

That the women who calls it like it is, except for the lying, has not said she expected it, or some other snarky remark is weird.  She is going to choose this day to be quiet and not share her opinion?  She may not be tweeting, but she is certainly celebrating.  Know that.

Throughout this train wreck that we love so much, there are not a lot of opportunities to be gracious.  Filming, scripting, and desperation for fame, makes people lose sight of these chances.  I would have gone into the new season with a warm and fuzzy feeling if they had been kind now.

If my friend gets a pink slip, I am going to be supportive.  If a co-worker of mine is fired, even if we are not friends, I am going to be supportive of the loss.  Losing your job is stressful and that these women who have been a group for so long cannot support each other is quite sad.

I appreciate that they may be supportive away from the spotlight, but we are their fans, we invest time in them, and Bravo is a network that embraces Twitter.  As fans, we deserve a little more than the silent treatment on what is a monumental day to this show we love.

Bethenny is laughing all the way the bank and thrilled the housewives have imploded, and there are casualties.  Her not saying anything, even a fake sorry to her onetime friends, speaks volumes about who she is.  Bethenny has no friends, so she is not sure how to be one.

Of all the housewives shows, NYC is my favorite.  The city is part of the entertainment, and the ladies have a life we want to see.  I will continue to watch and look forward to the new cast.  If the new women have money, and don’t need Bravo, that will keep it real.