Real Housewives of New York Experience a Massacre

Those of us who watch the Real Housewives of NYC have been asking for a shake up and we finally got one.  By “watch” of course I mean we are obsessed.  I have no idea why we are so addicted, but I’m over trying to figure it out.  I watch it, love it, and am not ashamed to admit it.

Fans of this show have very strong opinions about the cast.  Each of the ladies has a fan base, and also a pack of wolves that want to kill them.  It’s awesome.  My opinions are applauded my many, but hated by more.  The fans of this show are more entertaining than the show itself.

There has a been a lot of chatter on the Internet over the past few months that members of NYC cast will be fired, and today we got word that Bravo is making things official.  Housewives are dropping like flies.  While I don’t agree with all the cuts, I agree change was needed.

Alex McCord, my least favorite housewife, from any cast, has been canned. Her announcement to the world came in the form of a tweet that said: Nothing was decided until today, but as of tonight, a decision has been reached. Simon and I are leaving.  Sadly, but amicably.

Newsflash Alex, you are not “leaving”.  You were fired.  We were sick of you and your husband.  You are simply not good television.  I wish you and your boys health and happiness in your future, and could not be happier to see the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Bye chums.

Cindy Barshop is also officially out, and took to Twitter to share the news. She tweeted: I will not be returning to RHNYC.  I left on great terms.  I loved getting to know all of you.  Stay tuned much more to come!  Again, you did not leave Cindy, you were fired.  We all know the truth.

Cindy was useless on this show.  She brought noting of interest to the table. All we learned about her is that she cares more about her work than her kids.  Maybe she will spend more time with her kids now that she is not filming.  Kelly opening a unicorn farm is more likely than that.

Jill Zarin, my favorite NYC housewife, is also out.  She tweeted: When one door closes, another one opens. I love all my fans and can’t wait for Skweez Couture to launch this week and announce my next project. She got caught up in a mess and never recovered, which is really a shame.

People either love Jill or hate her, and I love her. I wish she would have stayed and Ramona were the one to leave.  That said, Ramona makes for much better television and if sacrificing Jill will make the show better, then so be it.  Jill is fabulous, and she will be just fine.

Ramona and Sonja are staying with the show, along with Countess LuAnn. Ramona is a hot mess, but fun to blog about, so good call.  Sonja is a fan favorite and I hope she regains her composure and keeps her underwear on. The Countless is fabulous and I get why they kept her.

That said, the Countess is the one person who should have left on her own.  I have spoken with LuAnn and she is really, really lovely.  I liked her so much, and felt that the show was doing her more harm than good.  I wish she would of bailed instead of another year on the hell train.

Kelly is also out, but she had not tweeted her news at the time I posted this blog.  She is probably running through the streets of NYC, or buying a unicorn on eBay, or in a jellybean coma, or on a date with an invisible man, or maybe she just doesn’t understand she’s been fired.

Season five will be interesting.  I look forward to seeing who the replacements are, and how they deal with the ladies who are gone.  I think Kate Dillon, supermodel, should be a new housewife.  I also think we need an awesome Jewish lady in the mix.  It is New York after all.

Bravo to Andy Cohen for doing what needed to be done.  I’m not sure all your choices were correct, but I will be watching, and grateful for the changes. The Real Housewives of New York City was fabulous once, and perhaps can be again.  Time will tell if the new cast can keep it real.