America’s Got Talent Gets it Right, While Big Brother Gets it Wrong

How can one group of people get it so right on one show, and have an epic failure on another?  America’s Got Talent crowned a new champion last night in Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., which was the correct choice.  I have loved this guy from the first moment I saw him and am very glad he won.

He is exactly what this show is about.  Landau is a guy who was once homeless, and now works in a car dealership in West Virginia as a car washer. He loves his wife and his kids, and is doing just fine.  He never cried a sob story, but rather relied on his talent to get him votes. I like him.

He is a nice guy, with a great gift, and he deserved to win. America got it right.  After spending the summer singing the classics by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, on the finale Landau belted out some Marvin Gaye and sounded great.  This man can sing.

He sang You’re All I Need To Get By with the divine Ms. Patti Labelle and I cannot talk about the finale without mentioned how wonderful this woman is. She is a classy lady who sings like nobody else, but beyond that she is gracious and generous.

She stood in the back and let Landau have his moment, and then when the song was done, she congratulated him and left the stage.  She allowed him to have his moment, sing with one of his idles, and then bowed out of his spotlight.  All talent and no ego.  I love you Patti.

America did the right thing, myself included, by voting for Landau to win.  I am excited for him and his family and I would totally go see him in Vegas. Just as I was applauding for America, I switched over to the finale of Big Brother and I wondered how America was so dumb.

Rachel was the overall winner, and while I don’t think recycling contestants is cool, she deserved to win.  She played the best game and there was nobody else in the house that should have won.  I’m not sure who would have won had the veterans not returned this season.

I really wish that these competition shows would not keep bringing back old players.  Who cares?  The show is the exactly the same every season and new players are the only way to shake it up a bit.  Are there not are enough fame whores in America that we don’t need to double dip?

Rachel may be the most annoying player to ever play this game.  Even the freaky Jewish guy from last year was less annoying than Rachel.  Her constant crying and whining made me thank God for my remote control.  That said, she was a brilliant player so good for her.

What I don’t get is how Jeff won $25K for being the fan favorite.  What was America thinking when they cast that vote?  Other than dreamy blue eyes and a nice ass, he added nothing to this season.  He is as boring as Rachel is annoying, and I don’t get how he won.

I voted for Adam because he was entertaining all summer.  By entertaining of course I mean he is the only one that didn’t make me want to drink.  I had fun watching Big Brother and I hope Jeff uses the money to buy a personality. No do-overs next summer Big Brother.  Keep it real!