Sex Toys for Orthodox Jews? MAZEL TOV!!!

It was only a matter of time before the sex lives of Orthodox Jews were welcomed into the world of sex toys and fetish gear.  Congratulations to the folks at koshersextoys[dot]net for offering the joys of sex to religious Jews. By not showing a bunch of explicit pictures or videos of how these aides work, Orthodox Jews are able to shop without shame.

The founder is a 25 year old kid from New Jersey, who happens to be Orthodox.  He is married, and when he and his young wife were interested in expanding their horizons, there was no place for them to go where they could feel comfortable and safe to shop freely.  Their desire to excite each other in new ways is what inspired the creation of the site.

I am not ashamed to tell you that I own some toys.  By own them, of course I mean I love them.  As a divorced woman in her 40’s, who is currently not in a sexual relationship, I really, really, love them.  In fact, if we are going to be honest, even when in a relationship they are a great thing.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who has not tried.

I am not one to visit sex sites, but I have seen a couple, and they are pretty raunchy in their sales approach.  This site however, is not fancy, no 1970’s porn music playing, and no in your face shocking pictures.  They are hoping to expand into lingerie and their number one seller is furry handcuffs.  Really? That would not be my first purchase, but baby steps.

Sex is a great thing, and toys can be a lot of fun, so I’m happy for the Orthodox population that this site is available to them.  Jews are taught that once betrothed, they should have fabulous sex, and it’s a misconception that they are boring in bed.  I think most people assume religious people are not having crazy monkey sex, but they are.  Sex is not religious.

Sex is one of the greatest things about being an adult, and it should be fabulous.  Good sex is simply not good enough.  Sex should be great.  Toys are a wonderful addition to a sex life, and that is true whether in a relationship, or handling it on your own.  Mazel Tov to those who are doing a little shopping.  I’m not Orthodox, but I think this site is terrific.

This site may be the only place where rabbits are actually kosher!  Sex should not be embarrassing, or intimidating.  It’s a wonderful thing, and changing it up a bit does not mean you are a bad person.  People need to lighten up and just enjoy themselves.  It’s nice that Orthodox Jews will be able to shake it up a bit, and still keep the faith.