How Much Does it Cost to Hate Jews? For John Galliano, it’s $8500.00

Designer John Galliano finally had his day in court.  By “day”, of course I mean a whopping 6 minutes.  Galliano lost his job at Dior after he was caught on tape in a drunken stupor, bashing Jews, and today he was found guilty of “public insults toward persons on the basis of their religion or origin”, and must pay a fine of $8,500.

I guess that ‘s the going rate for spewing hate in Paris.  You can call someone a “dirty Jew face” and it will run you under ten grand, with no jail time.  Personally, I’m a little offended.  Not offended that he apparently hates Jews when he’s drunk, but that the government of France determined that hating Jews is worth $8500.

I would have been less offended if he had been asked to make a PSA against hate, or made to do community service hours at a Temple, or told to serve dinner at a Jewish Home for the elderly, or asked to visit a Holocaust museum to see what power his words hold.  His “punishment” should have taught him something.

He lost his job, but who cares? People lose their jobs every day and while his may have been fancy, it is no more important than the guy at the car factory who lost his job because his boss is a douchelord.  Calling people derogatory names and having hate for someone else is not nice, it is however, a fact of life and happens every day.

Telling a Jew that hating them is forgiven if you’ve got a few bucks, is insane, offensive and simply sad.  Where is the lesson in his crime?  He made a mistake and I forgive him, but don’t add insult to injury and have an entire government tell me that money makes it okay.  I wish him well, hope he finds peace, and remembers to keep the faith.