Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are Back and Completely Disgusting

I watched the premier tonight thinking that perhaps they would be classy and handle the suicide of Russell Armstrong with respect and dignity. Instead it was a disgusting display from a bunch of fame whores.  I watched the entire show, but I am not going to do my regular recap, and I am not going to write about this show again.

I think this show is a perfect example of what can go wrong when you do a reality television show.  This man took his own life, and his estranged wife is talking about how they are working on their marriage?  Then the bevy of botoxed women, who could have cared less about this man when he was alive, are fake crying at his loss of life?

I think it is disgusting that Bravo opted to show this series so close to Mr. Armstrong’s passing and they should be ashamed of themselves that they put money ahead of his three young children.  I understand that it is a business, but this just does not feel right, and I believe the worst of it is still to come in Beverly Hills.

In seeing the trailer of what is coming up this season, the passing of Russell Armstrong is just the beginning of the self-destruction.  The fighting and tension is not train wreck fun, it is cringe worthy, and I will watch with one eye closed.  These women are going to implode and knowing that we will all be watching it happen is sad.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills should be cancelled because there is more pain and suffering coming.  Bravo needs to do the right thing and walk away.  These women need to do the right thing for their kids and walk away. No amount of money can be worth it.  Will the death of Russell be in vain, or will someone start keeping it real?