Online Dating Hell: 5 Things Men Should Never Share on a First Date

I had a date this week with a very interesting man.  He was 45, never married, and Jewish. During our emails, and phone conversations, I found him to be charming and funny.  His laugh was very sweet and I felt comfortable with him.  We spoke a couple of times and made a date for dinner.

We had a nice time.  He was goofy and quirky, in a totally fun and entertaining way, but he seemed to be a little socially stunted.  He was unable to focus on one subject for very long, which made dinner both wildly entertaining and exhausting.  It was like going out with a kid, and I was the babysitter.

He was open and uninhibited which was great, but there was no filter or apparent appreciation for what is appropriate on a first date.  At first I thought perhaps he was nervous and therefore stumbling through, but by the end of the date it was simply about him making bad choices about what to talk about.

Here are some of the odd things he shared with me during dinner. I won’t go into the details of how these things came up in conversation, but I will say that none of it was impressive, and these things should not be shared with a complete stranger. 

1) “I like to count my money.”

2) “I have a net worth of 20 million dollars.”

3) “I have not had sex in 16 months.”

4) “I was acquitted of all charges.”

5) “I might still be in love with my ex.”

We won’t be going out on another date.  He’s probably too busy counting his money, trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend, and getting his record expunged.  Another date bites the dust, which puts me one step closer to my Beshert.  I have a date on Thursday, so I am keeping the faith.