Why Chaz Bono Just Might Win Dancing With The Stars

I love watching Dancing With The Stars.  It is entertaining, mindless fun, plus Tom Bergeron is brilliant.  I could do without the judges most of the time, but with the help of my remote, I look forward to this show each year and the excitement begins with the announcement of the cast.

The cast this season has some people I think will be fun to watch, and some that I hope suffer a broken foot before the show gets started.  The single most newsworthy participant at this early stage of the press onslaught is Chaz Bono, son of the legendary Sonny and Cher.

Yes, you read that correctly, I read son.  Chaz Bono is a transgender American.  He is a man who was born in a woman’s body, and has gone through a long, painful and difficult medical transition to give him the body that he should have always had.  It’s really not a big deal.

I am embarrassed by the backlash this casting choice has caused.  There are Christian based groups calling for all Christians to boycott the show until Chaz is pulled off.  They are upset that now their kids cannot watch the show because Chaz has made it not family friendly TV.

These same groups are saying that Carson Kressley, another contestant, who is openly gay, should be replaced.  I’ve got news for the people who are calling for the boycott, look around your church and I can guarantee you that you are looking at all kinds of gay.

Chaz Bono is brave and while I don’t know him, I like him.  He has a voice that needs to be heard and by his dancing, whether he speaks a word or not, allows his voice to be heard loud and clear.  The only thing these crazy Christian groups have done is guarantee he gets my vote.

I will vote for Chaz Bono for his bravery.  Even if he sucks in the beginning, I am going to continue to vote for him until he gets his dancing legs and gets better.  I want him to dance his ass off, get healthy, and become a smoking hot guy by the end of the season.  Praise Jesus.

The only thing these crazy people have done is increase the chances of Chaz getting to the finals.  I was going to vote for him regardless, but now I’m going to vote a few more times, just to piss off these losers.  They are an embarrassment to not only me, but to God.

Whatever faith you follow, no matter what you call your God, and no matter what level of observance you are, God does not like hate, intolerance, or crazy people saying that they know what he wants, what he likes, and what he thinks will stop people from seeing him in heaven.

I wish Chaz Bono much success on the show, and hope it is a joyous experience for him.  Instead of boycotting DWTS, I am boycotting crazy Christian groups who think they know what God wants.  God loves everyone. Know that.  God is good, and I’m just keeping it real.

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