Rest in Peace Wade Belak

Wade Belak, one of my favorite hockey players, died today in Toronto. He was married with two young daughters, and only 35 years old. The cause of death is unknown at this time, and while many are speculating that he killed himself, it does not matter how he died, only that he’s gone.

He was an aggressive player on the ice, and a funny and charming man out of the game.  He once went 143 games without a goal, and when he finally got one, the entire Maple Leafs team went on the ice to celebrate with him.  It was a very cool moment in Toronto hockey.

Hockey is a magical sport.  It requires stamina, skill, bravery and heart.  It is an exciting game to watch, and I have had more hockey crushes than I can remember.  Hockey is important in Canada and happily you can take the girl out of Canada, but you can’t take hockey out of her heart.

I love this game and I loved watching Wade play.  I send my condolences to his wife Jennifer, and their two little girls, Andie and Alex.  He may not have been the most famous player, or the best, but he was a good guy who loved the game.  Rest in peace Wade and we will keep the faith.