Whole Foods Does Not Boycott Israel, but I Boycott Israeli Men

Ryan Torok, a great writer here at the Jewish Journal, wrote a story today about WHOLE FOODS and the rumors that the company is boycotting items from Israel.  It’s based on some blogs by some conservative chick in Detroit, and you can read her take on Whole Foods through Ryan’s article.

I shop at Whole Foods on a regular and frequent basis, so I found Ryan’s article to be quite interesting.  It sounds to me like this Debbie woman in Detroit has issues, and is going out of her way to discredit Whole Foods, based on an ad campaign they did in support of Ramadan.

I am of the opinion that Whole Foods does not have an issue with selling products from Israel.  Ryan spoke with Libba Letton from Whole Foods and while I’m not sure she was clear on the difference between kosher items and items from Israel, I believe Whole Foods is cool with Israel.

I on the other hand, have decided to boycott Israeli men.  I love Israel, and I love men, but I simply cannot handle another Israeli man saying “Tanks God”.  Seriously, listen to Israeli men and you will find that they say it often. “How are you?”, “Tanks God, everything is good”.  THANK God! THANK God! I am unable to date an Israeli for this reason alone.

I spoke to a lovely Israeli man today, and as we were talking he crossed that invisible line and said, “Tanks God”.  It was over before it even began.  I got a sharp pain in my lower back and I was done.  It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard, or a screaming baby on a red-eye flight to New York, or sitting next to a guy with gas at the movies.

I like an Israeli accent.  My mother has a thick one and we talk every, single day, so I’m sure my issues are with this one point.  “Tanks God” is a deal breaker for me.  A French man can say “Sank God” and there is no problem, so I must assume it’s an Israeli thing.  I might get blacklisted in Detroit for my admission, but oh well, I’m sticking to it.

There are a lot of troubling things happening in the world when it comes to hatred of Israel and Jews, and I don’t think Whole Foods makes the list of top ten worst offenders.  I will go there tomorrow and get me some Israeli olive oil, just because I can.  Tanks God there is one just up the street. Shabbat Shalom Whole Foods.  This too shall pass, just keep the faith.