Andy Dick Lives Up to His Name

I have never met Andy Dick and I am not familiar with his “career”, but I still feel completely comfortable saying that I think he is a complete and total asshole.  Seriously, this guy is a mess and the best thing he can do for his career is shut up. 

Seeing as he has no career, it makes perfect sense he would talk out his ass with no concern for the impact his words have on those who listen.  In a desperate cry out for attention, he has sealed his current fate, which is that of an unemployed idiot.

Dick is being a dick because he is upset with Howard Stern.  I don’t know what the details are, and frankly don’t care.  What I do care about, is that in speaking of his anger with Stern, he said Howard was a “shallow, money grubbing Jew” with a “big fat hook nose”.

Andy Dick has serious problems and if I were someone in his life who cared about him, I would suggest he spend more time getting his life together, and less time ranting about his hatred for Jews, and particularly Howard Stern.  Shut up Andy.  Just shut up.

I am not a fan of Howard Stern’s radio show, but I am a huge fan of Howard Stern.  This is a good man and Andy’s hated of him is less about his feelings about Jews, and more about jealousy.  He is jealous of Howard and tries to hurt him by being anti-Semitic.

The problem with his plan is that Howard could care less.  Howard is above the name calling and desperate publicity stunts.  In the end Howard is still the King and Andy is, as he always was, a dick. Andy sucks, and Jews rock.  I suggest Mr. Dick keeps the faith.