Gene Simmons jumps on the Rick Perry bandwagon

Who knew a makeup-clad rock star could predict political outcomes?

Apparently Gene Simmons, a.k.a Chaim Witz, possesses magical predictive powers. The KISS frontman is promulgating his prediction for the 2012 presidential race by proclaiming Texas Governor Rick Perry will get his night in the White House. Simmons claims he has voted for the winning candidate in the past three presidential elections (Bush, Clinton, Obama), and earlier this week threw his weight behind Team Perry.

According to ” title=”JTA”>JTA (the Jewish Telegraphic Agency). Previously, the National Jewish Democratic Council believed Perry’s Christian conservativism would prove off-putting to Jews and reinforce the sense of voting Democratic. The NJCD recently accused Perry of conflating religion and politics while making it clear on their website,, that they will not be voting for Perry come Nov. 2012, believing other Jews would also flee toward other candidates. 

Simmons doesn’t seem bothered by Perry’s religious views or he merely presumes his own promiscuity will balance out the Governor’s straight and narrow politics.
Still, even with his track record, best to rely on election day instincts than on Simmons’ crystal ball.