Real Housewives of New Jersey, Big Brother, Celebrity Rehab & Jersey Shore

The only way to blog about all the current reality television would be for me to quit my job and spend all of my time in front of the television.  That sounds like a dream job, but I cannot do it for fear of losing all my brain cells, and failing miserably as a mother.

However, just because I don’t write about it does not mean I am not watching it.  I probably am.  By probably, of course I mean I am totally watching it. I can blame my addiction on the fact that I write about it for work, but the truth of the matter is that I simply love it.  Very sad.

I have not blogged about the housewives of NJ in a while for no other reason than Sunday nights are hard to carve out the time to blog when I am with my son.  I’m watching, not blogging, but loving this season.  It’s a little slow moving and somewhat boring, but still good.

Caroline is predictable.  She cried when Lauren said she was unhappy with her body, which was touching, but refused to do the warm up exercises when she went with her to work out, which was selfish. If she wants us to think she is the best mom, she needs to walk the walk.

Teresa is gross and Melania is payback for her evil ways.  That little kid is a handful.  Teresa and Joe went from being entertaining to being disgusting real fast.  Jacqueline is a mess.  I wanted to smack the smug out of Ashley this week and my heart broke for Jacqueline.

Ashley was horrible to her mother and while we don’t know the whole story, the sense of entitlement is insane.  Jacqueline wears too much make-up and appears to have no neck because she is always slouching, probably from being beaten down by her ungrateful daughter.

Kathy was cute when she went dress shopping with her daughter, but she is forgettable on this show.  Don’t get me wrong, I like her and Rich, but they are not particularly entertaining and I would not miss them if they did not make it back for another season.

Melissa is my favorite.  I love that she is all about Jesus.  She won’t have sex on the birthday of Christ, which is a genius excuse to not do it with her horn dog husband.  I love Joe, love their kids, and think they are the best part of this season.  Melissa is reality television gold.

I’ve been watching Big Brother and it’s on so much that blogging is impossible, but I will say Rachel is the most annoying woman ever, and watching her cry makes me sick.  The only thing grosser than her crying with no tears, is her relationship with her fiancé.  They are icky.

Celebrity rehab is the one reality show I am embarrassed to admit Ii watch.  I feel uncomfortable because it is unethical for these people to be paid a tons of money to have us watch them self-destruct. That said, I think Dr. Drew is the sexiest man of reality television.

That brings us to Jersey Shore, which is perfection.  I love watching these kids.  They make me laugh out loud and cringe all the way to my toes.  I cannot turn them off, and even if I have seen an episode but come across a rerun, I will watch it again because it’s that funny.

The drinking, the smooshing, the getting it in, all of it is fascinating.  Even the two most boring people on television, Sammi and Ronnie, are oddly fun to watch.  I can’t get enough of this show.  It is fun to see a life I never led and a life I will never allow my son to lead.  Jersey Shore rocks.

I will be back Monday night to talk about the Bachelor Pad, which is painful to watch.  I’m only able to tune in because of the brilliance that is Jake and Vienna. It also marks the return of Patty Stanger and Millionaire Matchmaker, which is the biggest crap fest on television.

Love it or hate it, avoid it or addicted to it, reality television is not going away any time soon.  If there is a show you’d like to get my take on, let me know and I will happily blog it.  The one thing you can be sure of, is that even when the shows don’t, my blog will always be keeping it real.