Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ashley Madison: A Match Made in Heaven

Arnold Schwarzenegger is, in my opinion, a pig.  Noel Biderman, the man behind the Ashley Madison website is, in my opinion, also a pig.  It makes perfect sense these two pigs should be friends, and taking it further, I’ve long thought Arnold should be a spokesperson for Ashley Madison.

I could not help but laugh this morning when TMZ reported that Noel Biderman has offered to pay $100k if Arnold is willing to have his picture taken in an Ashley Madison t-shirt.  Here’s the kicker, the money is not payment to Arnold, but rather to the State of California.

If he will do it, will write a check to “the State of California to assist with its current deficit.”  I think it’s a brilliant idea and after all the damage Arnold did to our state, he should suck it up and just do it.  It’s not like we don’t know he’s a cheater, or unethical politician.

Pigs are highly intelligent animals and so it’s important to clarify that when I call Noel and Arnold pigs, I mean no disrespect to pigs. Wear the shirt and take the picture Arnold. You’ll still be a pig, but one with a sliver of humility and a sense of humor.  Will he man up?  I don’t really care so there is no need, on this one,  for me to keep the faith.