Vogue Blurs the Line between Fashion & Pedophilia with 10 Year Old Model

Thylane Loubry Blondeau is a beautiful little girl.  By little girl of course I mean that she is only 10.  10 years old.  She is featured in this month’s French Vogue in pictures that are sad, inappropriate, disturbing, and creepy. I can’t help but wonder what the hell her parents are thinking.

A 10 year old is not able to distinguish between playing dress up in mommy’s make-up and high heels, and proving a sexual aid to pedophiles.  This child is beautiful and has her whole life to be a supermodel, so why do this to her now?  In a world that moves so fast, why push our kids to grow up?

I don’t know this little girl or her family, and I don’t think that matters.  Many are calling the photographs “art”, and I agree they are beautiful pictures, but she is a baby.  What message is it sending to other little girls who see her and want to look exactly like she does?

Art is objective and everyone sees it differently, but when it comes to whether or not this model is a child, it’s very black and white.  She is, and therefore the pictures are in poor taste.  Will this little girl come out on the other side of her parents choices ok?  I’m keeping the faith.