Battle of the bulges: Foreskin Man vs. Captain Israel

He’s already being parodied, but it was only a matter of time before Foreskin Man got mashed up with some other superhero. Thanks to Arlen Schumer, a Jewish comic book artist based in Westport, Conn., that time is now.

Behold: Foreskin Man vs. Captain Israel.

Captain Israel has full control of this single-panel drawing, which is promoted as, “The Battle of the Century!”

According to Capt. Israel No. 1, a comic book published by the Israel advocacy and education organization StandWithUs, the hero’s next battle was supposed to have been with “The Venomous BDS.” (Schumer told me today that he finished it months ago.) Schumer explains how he decided to send his menorah-wielding hero to take on Foreskin Man instead at his website,

(h/t to Daniel Burke of RNS)