Vietnamese Beauties, the Perfect Mani Pedi & Bionic Hearing

I love getting a Mani Pedi. It is an easy way to pamper yourself, can be done inexpensively, and nice hands are feet are important.  More men should actually make it a part of their regular schedules because it’s gross when a man’s hands are feet are gnarly.  God Bless Ryan Seacrest for his love of metro-sexual services.  Grooming goes beyond a shower and shave.

I went today to get my hands and feet done and it was, as it always is, fantastic.  I have been going to the same place for about 15 years.  It has gone through three owners and five staff changes, but I stay, finding a girl I love, and sticking with her.  A Vietnamese family owns my salon, and there are 7 women who work there, with one young man.

They are all very pretty women with flawless skin, silky long hair, and not an ounce of fat on their bodies.  They are very sweet girls, and have uncanny memories.  I took my son for a pedicure months ago, one time, and they all remember him by name and ask how he is.  I took my mother in 3 years ago, and they send her good wishes, by name, all these years later.

The most remarkable thing about these women however, is their hearing.  I have never seen anything like it. Today I turned in my chair and banged my knee.  I whispered “ouch” under my breath. One of the ladies came over, from the far end of the salon, and asked if I was okay because she heard me say ouch.  Seriously, these chicks have bionic hearing.

The salon can be full, without a single empty station, the spa chairs are buzzing, music is playing, people are talking, and the staff are all talking to each other in whispers.  They hear everything, make each other laugh constantly, and since I don’t speak Vietnamese, I spend a lot of my time there wondering what they all think is so funny.

I asked my manicurist today how it is that they hear so well and she does not think they do.  She says her hearing is normal and just like mine.  I was not buying it and said in the quietest whisper I could manage, “liar”, to which she started laughing, said I was hilarious, and then said she was not lying. Maybe it’s something in their diet, but these chicks can hear!

Not all manicures are created equal.  I love my girls and never leave their salon disappointed.  They are very special women and beyond the wonderful work they do, I enjoy their company.  To the wonderful women with the bionic hearing, I say “Bạn có nghe tuyệt vời và tôi yêu bạn”.  Does that say, “You have amazing hearing and I love you.” ??? I’m keeping the faith!