Bravo Must Recast Some of the Ladies of the Real Housewives of NYC

I watched part 2 of the New York City reunion twice and writing this blog has been painful.  There is so much screaming and ugliness that it’s beyond being funny, and is now just pathetic.  The main thing I decided after this entire season is that some of these chicks need to go.

Alex McCord is toxic.  Cindy, while lovely, brings nothing of interest and she can go.  Ramona should skip a season to go to rehab and divorce her letch.  With them gone Kelly will add nothing and so she can go too.  Keep Jill, Sonja and the Countess and I am back in.

Here we go, keeping in mind that I have medicated myself, as the screaming is just too much.  LuAnn is talking to Ramona about how she knocks her parenting, and I must say that I really like LuAnn.  That she made it through the attacks without crying is fascinating to me.

She is a lady and with or without the Count, she is classy.  Ramona is saying that the video shoot for LuAnn was inappropriate and she did not do it because it offensive to her daughter Avery.  Right.  She says they discussed it over dinner but we know they never have dinner.

Avery is left alone, by her own admission, and does not see her parents so they thought of them all sitting around, as the trifecta that they are, making decisions as a family is laughable.  Ramona is out getting drunk and Mario is out banging Sonja, so it never happened.

Here is a video montage of Jill and it’s stupid.  I am sick of Jill getting picked on and I’m even sicker of Jill defending herself.  Listen to me Jill, you are great, and you have nothing to apologize for, so move on.  People either love you or hate you.  I love you.  Stop caring about the haters.

Alex says that hanging out with the housewives is a liability to her social climbing.  Honestly Alex, shut the hell up. Get off this show, continue your climbing, love your gay husband and move on.  I am begging you.  I will tattoo Simon’s face on my ass if you will quit the show.

There is a montage of Ramona is all about her drinking problem.  She denies it, says it is nothing, and then says if she is an alcoholic, she is a functioning one, and that is fabulous.  If I were a bitch, whose kid hated me, and my husband was a pervert, I’d be throwing back some wine too.

Kelly is hilarious on this reunion.  She keeps talking and dropping one-liners. She tells Ramona her drinking is not about unwinding, but rather unraveling. I am changing my mind on Kelly.  I want her to come back.  She is harmless, and every once and a while, she is perfection.

The next montage is of the Countess and her newly found biting tongue.  I love her and think some of the ladies are simply jealous of her.  She looks great, went through a public divorce, and came out on the other side happy and successful. They are picking on her for crap.

I just listened to 15 minutes and cannot remember one single think that was said.  Dear Lord.  I want o pull all my hair out.  The commercials for the housewives of Beverly Hills are the best part of this reunion.  I love you guys but I simply cannot rewind to see what I missed.

The montage of Alex proves she is in fact a tranny who suffers from constipation.  She is defending her husband and I am flabbergasted that so much of this show is being dedicated to Simon.  I feel nauseous, my heard is pounding and I want to hurl myself off the roof.

They are talking about Morocco and I seriously want to put a bullet in my television.  I’ve stopped listening.  I’m done.  I love the train wreck of the housewives in all the cities but this show is done for me.  The two camps hate each other and they can’t fake another season.

I am happy it’s over. Beverly Hills will give me lots of reasons to self medicate and taking a break from this group is now a necessity.  I wish them all well, hope some do not return, and truly hope that Andy figures it out and gets that the cast as is, simply cannot keep it real.