You spell Kadafi, I spell Gaddafi

It seems like almost every publication has a different spelling for the late Libyan dictator’s name.  Here are the top 10 spellings and the publications who use them.

1)  Gaddafi (Reuters, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Jerusalem Post, Wikipedia)

2)  Gadhafi (CNN, ABC News, JewishJournal, Haaretz, Associated Press)

3)  Qaddafi (New York Times, Fox News, CBS News, )

4)  Kadafi (LA Times)

5)  Qadhafi (Politico, Saif al-Islam—-Muammar Gaddafi’s son)

6)  Kadhafi (AFP, Bangkok Post)

7)  Qadhaffi (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions)

8)  Gathafi (

9)  Al-Gaddafi (Facebook)

10) Cadaphi (we dare you to use it…)

Don’t get us started on how to spell Moammar (sp?)…