Jewish group appeals to Obama on Sudan

The American Jewish World Service joined an appeal to President Obama to add sanctions to the incentives he has offered Sudan’s government to comply with peace deals.

“President Obama, When will you impose serious consequences for ethnic cleansing and mass atrocities?” said an ad that appeared June 22 in The Washington Post.

“We are pleased that the Obama administration is calling out bad behavior and that he will withhold incentives and move to not take Sudan off the terrorism list,” AJWS President Ruth Messinger told JTA.

“The only way to further call this guy out is if the U.S. increases sanctions on him,” she said, referring to President Omar al-Bashir.

One measure would be to increase pressure on China, one of the few nations still backing Bashir, to cut him off, Messinger said.

AJWS has taken the lead in promoting awareness of the genocide carried out by affiliates of the Bashir regime in the region of Darfur.