Croatia expected to take up restitution law amendment

The Croatian Parliament is expected to discuss a proposed amendment that could change the country’s restitution law and make it possible for foreigners, including Holocaust survivors, to file property claims.

According to the Claims Coholnference, an organization dedicated to reclaiming Jewish property lost during the Holocaust, the amendment would give claimants eight months to file restitution claims for property seizures. However, according to the organization’s blog, Claims Conference restitution specialist Arie Bucheister expressed concern that the amendment would not include all property seized between 1941 and 1945, and that eight months would not be enough time to file the proper claims.

The Claims Conference pointed out other concerns, including if Croatian Jews who survived the Holocaust and renounced their citizenship to immigrate to Israel would be allowed to benefit, as well as whether the amendment would apply to Jews and their heirs equally.