Message From The President


It gives me great pleasure to send you congratulations and best wishes from Jerusalem on the important occasion of the dedication of the new Los Angeles Federation Center which is yet another proof of the community’s significance and vitality.

We in Israel are very grateful for your meaningful support, whether political, financial or cultural throughout the years and which you have shown again recently by your active encouragement and loyalty in the crises we are facing. These events can serve to strengthen and fortify the bond between us. I am confident that we will be able to continue to rely on you and that you will show your solidarity by visiting our country and sending your youth on student programs.

It is important that the commitment of North American Jewry to Israel be extended, especially in these difficult times. This is important for you, as it is for us, in your fight against assimilation. One of the top priorities on my agenda is Diaspora Jewry. We are brothers and sisters and have a common heritage and fate. Every Jewish child is entitled to a quality Jewish education and I believe that there is much we can do together to guarantee this birthright.

May the word of the Lord and Zion go forth from the new Center and may the Los Angeles Jewish community continue to grow and flourish.