Raymond Simonson resigns as head of Limmud

The executive director of Limmud, Raymond Simonson, has resigned to head the Jewish Community Center in London.

Simonson announced last week that he would leave Limmud, which makes Jewish learning accessible to Jews around the world, after six years in his position. He was appointed Limmud’s first full-time executive director in May 2006. During his tenure, Limmud has grown into a worldwide movement, active in 60 Jewish communities in more than 25 countries ranging from China to Moldova, and Argentina to South Africa.

“In the past six years Limmud has gone from strength to strength and grown in ways no one had predicted a decade ago, to the point where it has become known as British Jewry’s greatest export,” Simonson said in a statement. “Owned and run almost entirely by volunteers, I’m proud to have made my small contribution to this success.”

Simonson will remain at Limmud until mid-October and will lead the search for his successor.