Real Housewives of NYC Reunion: Why are they still talking about Bethenny?

Part one of the NYC reunion was interesting.  By interesting of course I mean a lot of shouting and behaving badly.  On a regular week it is embarrassing to admit that I watch this show, but today is rougher than usual.  These chicks are crazy.  By “these” of course I mean Ramona and Alex.  I find myself actually picking sides, which is insane.

The line has been drawn in the sand and there are clearly two different camps.  There is not a lot of love in the room, and even the ones who are apparently friends, get in a few jabs at each other.  I think its time for me to just come clean and admit that I love this show.  I dig these chicks, and I am sad the season is over.  Such a pathetic admission.

It’s also important to note that I am in love with Andy Cohen.  He makes me feel bipolar because I go from loving him, to thinking he is out of control for allowing these chicks on television, but in the end I think I just love him.  He is funny, smart, and handsome.  He has gotten millions of people addicted to his crack, with no prison time.  Bravo indeed.

I am not sure how to even recap this show.  There was so much yelling and craziness it was hard to follow, and trying to write about it is giving me a headache.  The headache could be because I just sat through two hours of The Bachelorette, but still it’s pounding and I cannot go through the show with a fine tooth comb and break it down keeping it real style.

Instead, here is my take on each of the women as we say goodbye to yet another season.  Sidebar:  Why the hell are they still talking about Bethenny?  At some point they all need to move on and let that go. Bethenny is no longer a part of this show and they don’t need to talk about her anymore.  You know Bethenny is at home watching, and loving it.

A few thoughts:

Alex: She is quite disgusting.  She looks like a tranny and does not stop talking.  She adds nothing of interest to this show, and they need to not invite her back.  Her husband is nauseating and makes me cringe.

Cindy:  Good for her that she came on and propelled her business.  I like her, and would suggest that moving forward, she try to not discuss her children or how she cares for them, because it’s just not good.

Kelly:  She is a little odd, but in the end she means well, loves her kids, and supports her friends.  She came into her own when Bethenny left in terms of feeling secure, but she also got a little boring without the conflict.

Sonja: I love her.  She is the most beautiful one, the sweetest one, and the one who needs the show more than anyone else.  I think she is lovely and hope she recovers from this year, which was rather dark for her.

Ramona:  She is a hurtful, vindictive, drunk, mean girl who is delusional, and living a lie.  Her husband is cheating on her, her daughter is getting ready to leave the nest, and she is unable to rise above it all and simply breathe.

LuAnn:  I think she was the classiest this season.  She defended herself, but managed to walk away from messes and be a lady.  I like her, like her boyfriend, and wish her well.  She has earned the joy she has found.

Jill:  What can we say about Jill?  I think she is the most authentic in terms of how women really are and talk to each other.  She is funny and sweet and I like her, which has nothing to do with her being Jewish.

In anticipation of part two of the reunion next week, I am going to start drinking at noon on Wednesday so I can be relaxed enough to pay attention and listen over the screaming to what is being said. This week was fascinating to watch, but impossible to recap.  Mostly because it was a bunch of women, acting crazy, and not listening to each other.

On Watch What Happens Live, Neil Patrick Harris suggested to Andy that he let all the ladies go and start over with a new cast.  Those may be the smartest words ever spoken about this show, and NPH’s referring to Alex as Frankenstein, may be the funniest.  This show has hit rock bottom and the only way to save it is to lose dead weight.

I have now watched it twice in an attempt to blog about it, and still don’t think I heard half of what they were all saying.  The star of this reunion was Andy Cohen.  How he made it through is beyond me because 90 minutes about did me in.  I will be back after part two, but will I be able to actually write a recap blog?  I’m keeping the faith.