Kate Dillon: Super Model, Reality TV Addict & Real Housewife of NYC?

I recently got a Twitter message from Kate Dillon.  Yes, supermodel Kate Dillon.  She wrote to let me know she was reading my blog and loved my take on The Bachelorette.  We started chatting over Twitter, which led to an interview, which allows me to now introduce you to my new pal Kate.

Kate is a fascinating girl.  She started modeling as a teenager, and quickly rose to the top.  She has battled anorexia, as well as been labeled “plus size” when she “ballooned” to a size 10.  At almost six feet, size 10 is still small, but it’s all relative I guess.  Regardless of size, she is gorgeous.

Here are a few things that you might not know about Kate Dillon:  She has a Masters in Public Administration and International Development from Harvard University, is married to a man she met while sitting next to him on an airplane, has a beautiful son, and a serious reality television addiction.

Modeling has been Kate’s job for many years, but her career is focused on changing the world.  She is philanthropic, cares about the world, and uses her mind and spirit to help the less fortunate.  She uses her blessings to help others and is passionate about change. She is a role model-model.

Her husband loves her, and does not care what size she is.  She had relationships, and worked, while both thin and heavy.  She thinks being sexy has nothing to do with her size, and to a certain young blogger here at the Journal who thinks fat is ugly, she thinks you’re an idiot.

Kate is very funny.  She is insanely in love with her baby boy, and passionate about her husband.  She was raised Catholic, her husband is Jewish, and her son’s circumcision was performed by a Muslim woman. She has faith, and will support her son to follow his own path.

Kate has travelled the world, is envied for her beauty, is in love, a mother, and reached out to people in need.  For someone who is so together, it’s hard to believe she is an addict.  I am honored she chose to reach out to me for help.  Her name is Kate, she loves reality TV.

Kate and I first connected over The Bachelorette.  It was my observations of Ashley’s whiny voice, intense insecurity, unfortunate bowlegs, unwashed hair, lack of chapstick, and picking her teeth with her tongue, that first bonded the blogger and the super model.  God bless reality TV.

I adore Kate. She is not just a reader, or a Twitter follower, but my friend.  It is because I love her, and only want the best for her, that I will not judge her crazy outlook on the Real Housewives of New York City.  Are you ready?  She loves Alex McCord.  Dear Lord she needs help.

Kate thinks Alex is misunderstood and needs to be cut some slack, thinks Kelly is a dingbat, and is annoyed she tells everyone she went to Columbia, when really she went to the “community college” section of the school, not the actual Columbia University, as Kelly implies.

She loves Ramona and is not a huge fan of Jill. We could not possibly disagree on these women more, but we agree to disagree, find each other’s views hilarious, think each other are crazy, and laugh and enjoy that battle without being mean or hurtful.  After all, it’s just fake television.

Talking about these shows is fabulous.  Half the fun in blogging about them, is reading the comments.  If you eliminate the crazy people, it’s fantastic fun.  In talking to my pal Kate, one thing has become painfully clear:  Kate Dillon must become a real housewife of NYC!

Dear Andy Cohen, you need to invite Kate to be a new cast member next season.  She brings a lot to the table and will make for great television.  Here is my top 10 list of reasons Kate Dillon should be on the Real Housewives of New York City next season:

10 – She wants to be friends with Alex (For now.)

9 –  She actually lives in New York City

8 –  She is a new mom and can help Cindy get it together

7 –  She is married to a Jew and can do Shabbat with Jill

6 –  She knows that money can’t buy you class

5 –  She wants to help Sonja

4 –  She actually drinks Ramona’s Pinot Gregio

3 –  She is not afraid to speak her mind

2 –  She is fluent in model and can translate for Kelly


I love it that Kate, the jet setting super model is sitting home at night watching the housewives just like the rest of us, and her addiction is so strong she felt the need to reach out for an intervention. Kate Dillon is fabulous and as a NYC housewife, is always keeping it real.