The Sad & Lonely Death of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was found dead today in her apartment in London.  I find myself feeling true sorrow at the loss of this young woman.  They do not yet know how she died, but in the end it does not matter.  What matters is that this incredibly talented human being died a sad and lonely death. 

I have never had an addiction problem, and had to fight those demons, but I imagine it is an exhausting way to live your life, so the hope is that she can now close her eyes and simply rest.  I pray she knew that the music created through her pain, brought joy to many. 

It’s sad that on this day of her death, people write they knew her death was coming, and make stupid “Rehab” jokes.  Her life was glorious and wrenching, and she was given no peace in life, so let this poor woman have quiet in death.  Let’s just celebrate her.

Her music is wonderful and will become classics with the passing of time.  I hope she will be remembered more for her voice, than her tragic death.  I wish peace for her family and send them my condolences.  It is a truly heartbreaking loss and I am left not understanding, but keeping the faith.