HEALTH CARE DECISION — Jews React: Spokesperson for Los Angeles’ Saban Free Clinic

“Obviously we’re very excited over the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold this important law. We applaud theirdecision and think it’s a huge step forward for our patients and the community,” Ray said.

“The Saban Free Clinic will continue to gear up for full health care reform, ensuring that our patients will receive quality and affordable medical care they deserve. In anticipation of health care reform in 2014, our clinic will enroll as many eligible patients as possible into the LA County no-cost health care coverage program, Healthy Way LA, so that our patients can more easily make the transition into Medi-Cal at that time.”

Healthy Way L.A. is a “no-cost health program that provides health care coverage to low-income uninsured adult citizens and legal residents” and provides a permanent home for patients at one of more than 100 clinic sites, according to the County of Los Angeles – Department of Health Services Web site.

“As health care advocates, we clinics will work to create public awareness and understanding of the law’s benefits and protections,” Ray continued. “We are here to help the community residents to enroll in Medi-Cal and obtain coverage through the California Health Benefit Exchange so that they are able to get the health care services they need.”