Occupy Wall Street and Jews, Onion Edition

Even the fake news about Occupy Wall Street appears to have taken notice of the preponderance of Jews involved in the protests.

On Nov. 7, The Onion, “America’s Finest News Source,” published an article under the headline, “Bank Executives on 15th Floor Gambling on Which Occupy Wall Street Protester Will Be Arrested Next.”

The article reported that bankers were placing bets on whether the next to be handcuffed by police would be the protester in a Guy Fawkes’ Mask, a “feisty” girl passing out leaflets, or “some scrawny hippie with a braided beard.”

The photograph accompanying the article showed the bankers—all male—pointing at a whiteboard with a list of protesters written on it. While some of the options at the top of the board are clearly visible—“Guy Banging Loud on Doors,” “Girl in Camo Pants,” “V For Vendetta mask Guy”—others are partially or completely obscured by the pinstriped arms of the bankers’ suits.

But tell me, near the bottom of the board—so low down that the blue lettering actually got cropped out of the version of the photo on the website—does it not say “Rabbis”? Right there, peeking out from beneath that fistful of twenties, in the screenshot from yesterday’s email?

A call to the Onion’s media representative has not yet been returned.