Scarred! Scarlett Johansson nude photos leak onto Web

Here’s a line no movie star ever wants written about them: “Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity wrapped up in a nude photo scandal,” this, according to, though of all the actresses subject to this type of news/gossip/scandal, Johansson’s misfortune is likely another’s marvel.

The actress has reportedly enlisted the FBI to help investigate an alleged hacking incident that may have led to some fuzzy nude photos surfacing on the Web. Though it isn’t entirely clear that the subject is Johansson, the photos were described by TMZ as being “self-shot”.

The incident did not come as a surprise to some, according to the LA Times, who reported that Johansson’s name appeared on a list of casualties of an alleged hacking ring that targeted celebrity email accounts and smartphones.

The lesson? Nothing in cyberspace is safe or private; and if you prefer your nude photos remain unpublished, the thing you should do is not take any to begin with, or if you must, use 35mm film and do not, under any circumstances, scan, copy or upload.

Scarred, ScarJo.