CARMAGEDDON: Helpful hints and headache relievers

” title=”The ‘bridge to nowhere’ that’s behind Carmageddon” target=”_blank”>The ‘bridge to nowhere’ that’s behind Carmageddon
by Pierce Courchaine

Thousands of commuters race past the Mulholland Bridge at great speeds every day. Silent and waiting for its execution date in mid-July, the bridge is rarely appreciated or remembered.

” >Accommodating the shut-down, Jewishly
by Naomi Pfefferman and Ryan Torok

Due to road closures during the demolition of the Mulholland Bridge on “Carmageddon” weekend, the two major arts institutions located closest to the bridge — the Getty Center and the Skirball Cultural Center, both in the Sepulveda Pass — will be closed on Saturday, July 16, and Sunday, July 17.

” title=”Carmageddon is not Armageddon” target=”_blank”>Carmageddon is not Armageddon
by Danielle Berrin

Only the city that birthed Hollywood could dramatize a freeway closure the way Los Angeles has these past few weeks.

” title=”Top 10 signs you’re stuck in Carmageddon” target=”_blank”>Top 10 signs you’re stuck in Carmageddon

Hundreds of vehicles around you, the incessant sound of car horns filling the air, and that overwhelming feeling that maybe you shouldn’t have left the house this morning … confused? You’re probably in the thick of… CARMAGEDDON.

” title=”“Ten Carmageddon Commandments” from Rabbi Mark Diamond” target=”_blank”>“Ten Carmageddon Commandments” from Rabbi Mark Diamond
by Jonah Lowenfeld

This just in, from Board of Rabbis of Southern California EVP Rabbi Mark Diamond: “And God said (to Elijah):  ‘Go out and stand before (Me), the Eternal, on the mountaintop.

” title=”Why Carmageddon won’t happen on Harry Potter’s watch” target=”_blank”>Why Carmageddon won’t happen on Harry Potter’s watch
by Danielle Berrin

You can’t pass a billboard in Los Angeles without seeing the ubiquitous Harry Potter campaign pronouncing, “It All Ends”—- July 15. How ironic then, that L.A.’s Westside will be subjected to its own apocalypse of sorts – popularized as “Carmageddon” – when a dense portion of the 405 Freeway is shut down for three days.

” title=”10 Reasons Why Single People Should Love Carmaggedon” target=”_blank”>10 Reasons Why Single People Should Love Carmaggedon
by Tamara Shayne Kagel

Unless you’re one of the people in LA with your own helicopter (of which there are a surprisingly high number), you too are likely painfully aware that Carmageddon is approaching.  For weeks now, Los Angelenos have been chattering about the impending doom that is just days away from gripping our fair city. 

” title=”The Closure” target=”_blank”>The Closure
by Rabbi Ilana Grinblat

On July 16th and 17th, a ten mile stretch of the 405 freeway will be closed for 53 hours. For the past month, the sign on the freeway has been flashing this warning – as if signaling that the end of the world is coming.

” title=”Can an app solve L.A. traffic?” target=”_blank”>Can an app solve L.A. traffic?
by Orit Arfa

While thousands of Angelenos are dreading Carmageddon — the closure of the 405 Freeway for 53 hours — Noam Bardin is looking forward to the challenge.