Carmageddon: Hitler is Not Funny

As those of us in Los Angeles are painfully aware, the 405 freeway is going to be closed this coming weekend.  For a city where people drive across the street instead of walking, it shall be hell on earth.  I plan to stay within 4 miles of my home over the weekend, in addition to not getting on any freeway. It might be more horrible than when it rains which is unimaginable.

There is a video circulating that features Hitler talking about “Carmageddon”.  While some might argue it is entertaining, I think it’s offensive.  It is in bad taste and I am not going to post it on my blog, but you can certainly Google it, and forever have a search of Hitler on your computer.

These videos are cute and more entertaining than Hitler.  It’s going to be an interesting weekend in LA.  I wish everyone who normally drives on the 405 good luck.  I will be home, watching the collapse of civilization.  Take a deep breath, control your road rage, and keep the faith!