, ladies and gentlemen [VIDEO]

Okay, this might be the coolest thing that’s happened this month…

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has launched, an online archive of stand-up performances and late-night talk show appearance that he’s handpicked.

“I really thought, ‘Where’s my stuff going to be when I’m dead?’ the 57-year-old comedian was quoted as saying in a recent New York Times piece. “Is it just gone for all time? Who could sift through it? I thought, ‘I should filter this out and be the judge of what I thought was good.’”

Uncharacteristically sentimental, Seinfeld says he hopes the new site will inspire young people who love comedy as much as he did as a boy.

“Somewhere out there are ten year olds like I was just waiting to get hooked on this strange pursuit,” reads a message on the new site. “This is for them.”