Top 10 Not-So-Big Jewish Ideas

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles have chosen their 10 finalists for the ” title=”” target=”_blank”>

The finalists include the top five vote-getters along with the five chosen by a panel of judges. The final round of voting opened on May 2 and will end on June 3. Place your vote for your favorite Idea by June 3rd at ” title=”my article” target=”_blank”>my article, I came across some not so big submissions.  Feel free to vote on my list of Not-Next Smaller ideas.

Here are the top 10 Not-so-Big Jewish Ideas

1. J-Eureka: Young professionals from across the world will meet in Stockholm to explore the tough questions about Judaism and it’s basic principles. It’s touted as idea-based Judaism where Jews come together to debate ideas.

Kind of using your third genie wish for more wishes…

2. Project Connect: Teaching healthy relationships to prevent Jews from a) choosing not to get married, b)getting divorced, or c) marrying non-Jews.

All Singles-by-Choice Beware!

3. Find your soul & your mate similarly bemoans the lack of Jewish babies. Through workshops and lectures, the hope is that single unaffiliated Jews will recommit to the religion, find their b’sherit, and crank out the babies. “For those who require more intensive help, a matchmaker will be available for one-on-one guidance”

In need of more intensive help? I wonder what exactly that looks like.

4. JewishGeography. You’re from Middle-of-No-Where? Oh, do you know my third cousin twice removed’s hairdresser? Something-stein? It’s the old game gone virtual using social media tools for instant connection and community. 

Maybe I’m confused but I’m pretty sure already does this. I didn’t realize there was $100,000 for it.


5. My Not-so-Big Not-Very-Fat Dinner. Let me sum up.  Eat and learn about Judaism.

6. Togetherness: Go visit churchs with your Christian friends.  Return the favor by inviting them to Jewish bingo.

And the way this helps the Jewish community would be??

7. Spiritual Fitness: A gym just for Jews that displays psalms on treadmill screens for every mile walked. 

So rather than calories burned, I will be redeemed by “I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint. My heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels. I may tell all my bones.” Psalm 22. 14

8. Wallenberg – Have you heard of Him? The idea is to shoot a documentary asking strangers on the street if they know who Raoul Wallenberg was. For all of us who’d flunk the quiz: He was a righteous Gentile who saved over 190,000 Jews during the Holocaust.

In other words, Have you heard of Him? Nope

9. Dance wherever you are. This would be a national arts festival on Rosh Hashanah, complete with music, dancing, art exhibitions and storytellers focused on diversity. 

Maybe it’s just me, but my rabbi might protest if I turn cartwheels during the shofar blowing.

10. Kosher 2.0: Not Your Bubbe’s Kosher. Seeing as many Jews choose not to keep kosher, it must be time for Kosher 2.0.  Let’s reimagine the concept of Kosherness and write a more modern version. The proposed new name? “A Manifesto for Modern Jewish Conscious Consumption”.

A Manifesto created by humans that erases the laws of Torah.  Oh we’re skating on thin ice.