October 18, 2018

The Circuit: 50 Plus

Skirball music director Yatrika Shah-Rais presents Fred Katz with a birthday cake as John and Jeanne Pisano look on. Photo by Bonnie Perkinson

Jazz composer, cellist and pianist Fred Katz performed during a retrospective of his career at the Skirball Cultural Center on Feb. 20. Honored on the occasion of his 92nd birthday, Katz was joined by his son, flutist Hyman Katz, bassist Richard Simon and saxophonist Dave Koz, as well as the Flying Pisanos, John and Jeanne Pisano.

Robert and Ruth Blank have been married for 63 years. According to the Blanks, their marriage has been a partnership from day one. They met when they were young, survived the Holocaust and reunited again after the war. “We came from Europe together, we learned English together, and we are together forever,” Robert Blank said. Photos courtesy of Belmont Village

Belmont Village Westwood held a reception for a special exhibition, “The Look of Lasting Love,” featuring the work of photographer Thomas Sanders, on Feb. 10. The collection of portraits, all of Belmont Village residents, paid homage to love and commitment as seen through the eyes of 16 couples. Collectively, the couples represented 884 years of marital bliss.

Rachel Perlson, with her dog, Schatzi, celebrated her 102nd birthday on Jan. 13 among family and friends at Belmont Village Hollywood Hills. Fleeing Jewish persecution in Poland, Perlson joined her brother in Israel, where she later met her husband. Decades later, the couple moved to the United States, where they raised their daughter, Nureet.  Photo courtesy of Belmont Village