October 24, 2018

Court denies Susan Koret’s request, won’t force Stanford to produce documents on Ted Taube

An ongoing lawsuit involving the prominent Koret Foundation and lifetime Board Chair Susan Koret intensified in recent weeks amid a Jan. 20 sexual harassment allegation against 84-year-old philanthropist and businessman Ted Taube, Koret’s President Emeritus.

That development, though, may have lost some steam on Feb. 11 after a court blocked Koret’s attempt to force Stanford University to produce documents related to an internal 2013 sexual harassment investigation involving Stanford’s business school and the Hoover Institution; a conservative think tank that Taube, through Koret and his own foundation, has donated million of dollars to.

The Jan. 20 statement, written by Hoover Institution employee Tammy Frisby, said that several women at the conservative think tank complained of Taube’s “lewd” behavior during its 2013 investigation, which, according to Stanford spokeswoman Lisa Lapin, as reported by the