Exclusive photos: Horrific Tesla crash aftermath

The back end of the stolen Tesla S wedged into the entrance to Kol Ami in West Hollywood.

If you look closer you'll see the FRONT end of the car on the far left of the photo.

The front end of the stolen vehicle collided with the white Honda Civic on the left.

The Honda – which had 5 passengers inside – had to have its top removed in order to remove people from the vehicle.

One of the TWO poles the stolen Tesla S slammed into causing the car to slit in half.

Debris from the crash littered the ground outside the Kol Ami entrance after a tow truck removed the vehicle from the scene. [Photo by Ryan Torok]

Kol Ami executive director Sadie Rose-Stern discovered damage on the exterior wall of the shul. The car flew into the into the front entrance of the shul on La Brea boulevard, destroying a metal gate and the shul’s front door as well as damaging adjacent glass. [Photo by Ryan Torok]

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department closed down “two long city blocks” of La Brea boulevard, from Santa Monica boulevard to Fountain avenue, according to Sgt. Richard Bowman of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department. The streets reopened nearly fifteen hours later, at 5 p.m., Bowman said. Photo by Ryan Torok. [Photo by Ryan Torok]

The remains of the shul’s blasted-through front gate sat by the side of the shul, while a member of a construction crew prepared to board up the entrance. [Photo by Ryan Torok]