Rosemary, Brie, and Marmalade Hand-Pies

Looking for the perfect, sophisticated and easy-to-make, easy-to-eat Memorial Day treat? Look no further than these pillowy, savory, sweet and decadent rosemary, brie and marmalade hand-pies. Besides being a breeze to whip up, they're easy to transport, drip-free finger food. Your picnic companions will thank you for bringing these babies. I promise.

And many thanks to my boyfriend and his buddies for taste-testing these when they were born last year in a kitchen in Eagle Rock.


1 box frozen puff pastry sheets (should contain two sheets)

1 large triangle Brie cheese

1 jar orange marmalade or other preserves (homemade is best if you can swing it)

a few sprigs fresh rosemary  (someone on your block has a rosemary bush–just kindly ask to snip a few sprigs in return for a hand-pie or two–if they say no, they are not very nice.)

2 tbsp melted butter

oil for lightly coating a cookie sheet


1. Thaw pastry according to directions on package.

2. Cut each large sheet of pastry into 6 equal parts

3. Take one small spoonful of marmalade, a 1-2inch slice of brie and a few fresh rosemary leaves and place in the center of each pastry rectangle.

4. Fold each rectangle in half, then using the tines of a fork, gently press the edges together all the way around until the filling is completely sealed in the puff pastry.

5. Lightly brush the tops of the puff pastry with butter and gently press another rosemary leaf or two onto the top.

6. Place the pastries on a lightly oiled cookie sheet in an oven that's been preheated according to the instructions on the pastry package. Follow the instructions for a rough estimate of cooking time.  You might have to do this in two batches.

7. Remove the pastries from the oven when they're golden brown, and let sit for about 10 minutes, or until cool enough to eat with your hands.