Reboot announces new executive director

Reboot, a highly innovative nonprofit seeking new inroads to Jewish life “through conversations about meaning, identity and community”  announced on Sept. 18 that Los Angeleno Robin Kramer will become its new executive director, beginning Nov. 1.

Kramer, who has served as Reboot’s interim director for the past eight months, has been deeply involved with the organization since its inception 13 years ago, and has served as a founding board member.

Kramer has served as chief of staff to two Los Angeles mayors, Antonio Villaraigosa and Mayor Richard Riordan, and also held senior posts at The Broad Foundation and the California Community Foundation. She is also currently senior advisor to the President of the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands.

“I helped to shape Reboot in the beginning, but in working intimately with the organization during the last eight months, I fell in love with the inventiveness, exploration, joy and opportunity of working with so many creatives in their 20’s and 30’s,” Kramer said in a statement issued by Reboot on Sept. 18.

Reboot is currently about to launch “UNSCROLLED,” a retelling of the Torah by authors, humorists, screenwriters and journalists. The rollout will include a book, Web site and multiple live study sessions. “Unscrolled will introduce the Torah in new ways, including Twitter and novel approaches to text the Text; it is being built to prompt on-going introspection and learning,” the Reboot press release said.