ADL addresses High Holy Days security

The ADL’s Pacific Southwest region held its annual Jewish security briefing, “Hate Crimes: From Investigation to Prosecution.” The event provided tips to Jewish leaders on how to keep their congregants and buildings safe and secure during the High Holy Days, a time of year when the community is perceived to be at greater risk.

Approximately 50 administrators and security officials from synagogues and Jewish organizations — including AFBIU, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, the Orthodox Union and the American Jewish Committee — attended, as well as law enforcement personnel and other community representatives.

The briefing took place at the local ADL’s Century City headquarters and featured presentations by Deutchman, Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Ayelet Feiman and Los Angeles Police detective Ray Webb.

The ADL organized the event as a way to remind the community to be vigilant at this time of year, Ariella Schusterman, ADL associate regional director, told the Journal. 

“ADL really feels that it’s imperative that security is important 365 days a year, but, for the Jewish community, Jewish institutions tend to think more about security when the High Holy Days are coming, because that’s when the largest amount of people usually attend the Jewish institutions and synagogues,” Schusterman said. 

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