Developing: LAPD pursuit of burglary suspects led to brief lockdown at Milken School

Los Angeles Police Department officers pursuing burglary suspects in the Sepulveda Pass on March 5 led the Milken Community High School to briefly lock down its campus on Tuesday afternoon.

The three burglary suspects, who were reportedly spotted by a neighbor in Woodland Hills around 1pm, first attempted to flee in a car on the 101 and 405 freeways, but after being pursued by police, exited the car on foot and ran into a thick section of brush on the west side of the 405 Freeway, near the Milken School.

The school ordered the lockdown before 2:30 pm and, in accordance with school procedures, the 740 students on campus, as well as teachers and staff, remained in their classrooms and offices, Sheryl Schreiber, Milken's Executive Director for Institutional Services, said.

“The school did have emergency procedures,” Schreiber said in an interview on Tuesday afternoon. “We are happy that no one was injured and Milken was not affected, but we are also happy to say that our emergency procedures were in place and were abided by.”

By 3:15 pm, the campus was back to its normal operations. “All kids are proceeding to their afternoon activities as usual,” Schreiber said.

According to NBC4, LAPD caught the first of three suspects shortly before 3 p.m. At that time, LAPD officers, including canine units and off-road units, were continuing the search for the remaining two suspects.