Suspect in custody in bomb threat investigation, says Wilshire Blvd. Temple statement

Statement to Wilshire Blvd. Temple congregants from Executive Director Howard Kaplan:

We have an update on the bomb threat at the Temple’s Mid-Wilshire campus today.  The LAPD blew up the suspicious package left in a car adjacent to the Temple and determined it did NOT contain any explosives.  The LAPD also has a suspect in custody.  The arrest was based largely on video footage supplied by our security team from the Temple’s surveillance cameras.  Moments ago, the LAPD gave the “all clear” after thoroughly investigating the entire Temple campus, including searches by four bomb-sniffing dogs.

We are pleased to have a successful resolution and will re-open a safe and secure campus tomorrow morning for all of our programs.  We are grateful to the Temple’s terrific internal security team, and to the LAPD and other law enforcement agencies who responded so quickly and thoroughly.

Howard Kaplan
Executive Director
Wilshire Boulevard Temple