Statement from Wilshire Blvd. Temple on bomb threat


Early this morning, we received a bomb threat specific to the Temple campus in the Mid-Wilshire district. Our immediate action was to close the facility and make sure all of our families and staff who attend school and work there were informed of the closure, and stayed at home. As a result, the Mid-Wilshire campus is empty. We are currently assisting LAPD and other law enforcement in their investigation.

Before opening the Irmas Campus on the Westside this morning, our security team conducted a complete search to make sure it was safe. We did so out of an abundance of caution—the threat was specifically focused on the Mid-Wilshire location. Operations there are running smoothly, and we remain extremely vigilant to ensure everyone’s safety.

We will continue to keep the congregation updated.

Rabbi Steve Leder

Barry Edwards

Howard Kaplan
Executive Director