Jon Lovitz, Crime Fighter!

Last week three teenage girls admitted they drew swastikas, the word Jew, and put crap on the front walkway of the home of a fellow student. They go to school with the girl who lives in the house and they decided to play a prank on her.  Important to note that the girl who lives in the house is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.

What I find so upsetting is that the police said it was not a hate crime because none of the damage was permanent and could all be washed away. Really?  Can the fear and humiliation of the young girl who lives in the house be washed away too?  The police said it was “an unfortunate incident” not a hate crime.  I am offended by that.  This was about hate.

This may have been a story that disappeared quickly were it not for a celebrity connection.  It turns out the father of the girl who was pranked is a childhood friend of comedian Jon Lovitz, and Lovitz is pissed off.  He was disgusted by what happened and quickly took to Twitter to talk about it. Thanks to Lovitz, this story is not going away.

Lovitz tweeted: “Some coward & idiot left this on a friend’s doorstep, yesterday. This is an insult to all of us.” He included a picture of the damage. He also tweeted a picture of the 3 girls who committed the crime and wrote: “The 3 girls who are bullying my friend’s daughter. They want to be known. Let them be famous as Jew haters.“

I am going to refer to it as a crime because that is what it was.  Lovitz used Twitter to bring attention to what happened and followed up with this tweet: “UPDATE!!!! The three girls who vandalized my friends home with swastikas and dog crap have been expelled from their school permanently.”  I’m sure his tweets had a hand in the expulsion.

The surprising twist to this story is that they where driven to the house by one of their mothers.  She took them in the middle of the night so they could do their little “prank”.  A mother.  A grown up.  A woman who thought it was okay for her daughter to carry out an act of hate.  I hope her name is released so she is humiliated in front of the world.

It turns out the mother who drove the rotten little girls to the house could be charged for driving them.  If that happens her name will be released and she could face a $1000 fine and/or a year in jail for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I personally hope she is charged so she is forever labeled an idiot, just like her child.

I am very angry.  As parents it is our job to raise our children to be decent human beings.  What the hell is this woman thinking to drive them over and encourage this behavior?  It is hate.  It is bullying.  It is unacceptable.  It is something these girls, regardless of youth, should be held accountable for. Expulsion does not seen like enough.

We live in a dangerous world driven by hate and it’s a shame because we are supposed to be decent and kind.  Religion tears us apart, yet God asks us to love each other.  How can I sleep at night when I worry all day about the world in which I am raising my child?  I am heartbroken about this story and want these girls to be punished.

What does it say about me that I want these children to be charged?  It doesn’t make me particularly decent or kind, but it’s just too much.  I am raising my son to be proud of his faith and the history of our people, but at the same time I am scared for him because being Jewish is enough of a reason for someone to hate him in this world.

I am proud of Mr. Lovitz for not being afraid to stand up for his friend, for what was right, and for Jews.  His actions matter. We live in a world where kids are shot while out to get Skittles, and you can commit a hate crime and not be held accountable.  It’s sad, wrong, and scary.  Jon Lovitz stood up for all of us, and loudly proclaimed that we must keep the faith.