Shin Bet: 2 Palestinians admit to throwing rocks that killed Israeli Asher Palmer and infant son

The Shin Bet security service reports that it has arrested two Palestinian citizens from Halhoul who admitted to throwing a rock that caused a fatal crash near Kiryat Arba on September 23rd. 25-years-old Asher Palmer and his one-year-old son Yonatan were killed after their vehicle flipped over.

The Shin Bet also arrested three Palestinians on suspicion of stealing Palmer’s gun after the crash. The investigation was a joint operation by the Shin Bet, Israel Police and the IDF.

On Thursday, IDF figures revealed that September was the most violent month in the last year and a half in terms of rock throwing in the West Bank.

There were 498 incidents of rocks being thrown last month – 33 percent more than the monthly average over the past year. This was the highest monthly total since Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in early 2009.