Settlers attack soldiers in West Bank

An Israeli soldier was injured while preventing Israeli settlers from entering a Palestinian village.

Residents of the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar on Tuesday evening tried to enter Madma, located south of Nablus, reportedly to protest the 10-month freeze on building in the settlements.

Soldiers arrived in the area to set up a closed military zone and prevent the Israelis from entering the village, according to the Israeli military. About 100 other Israelis then arrived from the direction of Yitzhar and began throwing rocks at the soldiers and attacking them physically.

An Israeli soldier was injured during the riot by a bottle thrown at his face, and the tires of a military vehicle were slashed, according to the Israel Defense Forces. One of the rioters was arrested in connection with the tire-slashing incident.

“Violence and raising hands up against IDF soldiers is crossing the line in an intolerable manner, particularly on Israel’s holiday, Independence Day,”  the IDF spokesman said in a statement. “This intolerable and deviant conduct will be handled according to the law with the necessary resolve.”